Friday, February 24, 2006

The little person who drew these little people was certainly on the right track.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jim et Jean-Paul on vacation

Caption reads:
Jim et Jean-Paul portent un toast.

Caption reads:
Une scène typique des Tropiques.

Caption reads:
Les Chaises Longues
de l'Halcyon Days Hotel,
par Jean-paul et Jim

Caption reads:
L'école de requins.

Caption reads:
Remember the day I met you darling
It was under the coconut tree

Jean-Paul et Jim

Caption reads:
The beautiful private beach
of Jim and Jean-Paul.

Caption reads:
Jim et Jean-Paul surveillent
les requins... who's next?

Jim et Jean-Paul

These guys, seemingly from Quebec, went on vacation in 1977, it seems, to St. Lucia and had their own postcards printed up, all in green with funny comments documenting their sunburns, bar tabs and snarky complaints.
I found a total of 8 different cards ( with several doubles!) in a batch of postcards I picked up for the shop.
I smartened up quick and pulled these from the shelves needing, somehow, to share their uniqueness before they sold.
They are now in my private collection and I'd love to meet these guys and ask them about their trip.


(each card has a different caption in the top lefthand corner of the back)
Also note the publishers' copyright: cul Q.
Cul = ass, btw.