I have made three graphic novels to date (covers pictured below) and have contributed comics, graphics, poetry and text to many collections, zines, etc.

I have also self published numerous chapbooks in editions ranging from 2 to 100. Documenting them here may take a while, if it ever even happens at all.

The list below is no where near complete. 

Books : Solo
• Tibonom Editions Trip, Chelsea, Qc, 2013 78 pgs ISBN 978-0-9878408-4-4
• Inside Outside Overlap  Timeless Books, TO., Ont., 2008. 88 pgs.  ISBN 978-1-932018-20-2 
• The Overlords Of Glee Conundrum Press & Crunchy Comics, Mtl., Qc., 2001. 76 pgs. ISBN 009689496-3-0
• Mutations : Posters Of Billy Mavreas Conundrum Press, Mtl., Qc., 1997. 76 pgs. ISBN 0-96803464-5-7

Books : Collections 
•Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 1, Michael Dowers, Ed. Fantagraphics, USA, 2013. 978-1-60699-657-7
•Politique : Textes Délibérés, Les Editions Rodrigol, MTL., Qc., 2012. ISBN 978-2-923617-09-1
•Abstract Comics, Andrei Molotiu, Ed. Fantagraphics, Seattle, USA, 2009. ISBN 978-1-60699-157-2
•No Such Thing as a Free Ride? A Collection of Hitchhiking Tales, Simon & Tom Sykes, Eds., Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 2008
•Everything Elevator, Davis Weir, Ed., Hand Bound Art Book, TO., Ont, 2008
•Monster Island Three, Billy Mavreas Ed., Conundrum Press, Mtl., Qc., 2007 ISBN 1-894994-27-9
•The Portable Conundrum Andy Brown, Ed. Conundrum Press, Mtl., Qc., 2006. ISBN 1-894994-14-0
•Inspired Lives : The Best Of Real Life Yoga From Ascent Magazine 
Clea McDougall, Ed. Timeless Books., TO., Ont., 2005. ISBN 1-932018-11-5
•The Comics Journal Special Edition 2005 Cartoonists Of Montreal
Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, Wa.,  2005. USA ISBN 1-56097-624-1
•The Art Of Modern Rock 
Paul Grushken & Dennis King, Eds.,  NYU Editions, Berkeley, USA, 2004. ISBN 0-8118-4529-X
Cyclops: Aim For The Eye Conundrum Press, Mtl., Qc., 2003. ISBN 0-9689496-8-1
L’Enfance Du Cyclope Zone Convective, Mtl., Qc., 2003. ISBN 2-922103-29-3
Impure: Reinventing The Word Conundrum Press, Mtl., Qc., 2001. ISBN 0-9689496-1-4
•You & Your Bright Ideas : New Montreal Writing Vehicule Press, Mtl., Qc., 2001. ISBN 1-55065-152-8
•Legal Action Comics DDLDF, New York, USA, 2001 ISBN 0-9709363-0-3
•Burning Ambitions: Anthology of Short-Shorts, Debbie James, Ed., Rush Hour Revisions, TO., Ont., ISBN 0-9680503-2-8

Periodicals - Columnist
•Ascent Magazine : Yoga For An Inspired Life
2 page quarterly strip, “Tales From The Vase”, Spring 2004 – 2009. Mtl., Qc., ISSN 0315-8179
•Matrix Magazine I page strip, “The Overlords Of Glee”, 2005 – 2007 Mtl., Qc., ISSN 0318-3610
•Hellenic Postman Weekly Column, “First Generation”, Mtl., Qc.,  1994 – 1995

Periodicals - Contributor & Self Publishing
•Contributed to over two hundred magazines, chapbooks, newspapers, zines, broadsides, anthologies 1991 to the present including Asemic, Broken Pencil, Carousel, Comics Journal, 
Four Minutes to Midnight, Matrix, Slingshot, Queen Street Quarterly.

•Self published dozens of chapbooks, artists books, cards, ephemera, etc. 1989 to the present.

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