I have been making art all my life. I began publishing it in grade school. This led to stints with school papers in CEGEP and university. I have made gig posters, zines and mail art since the mid 1980s.

Today I focus mostly on creating comics, small run chapbooks, collage, visual poetry, bunny paintings. Because I co-direct a curiosity shop / art gallery with my partner Emilie O'Brien, found collections, installation and curatorial work play a large role in my creative life.

I am one of those artists that has several projects on the go at all times, a drawing series, a correspondence, a collection or two, a chapbook, etc. I collaborate with a great number of artists in all fields and am firmly convinced that my art is simply an aspect of a larger impulse to connect with the seen and the unseen worlds.

Here's some more accurate information about me :

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