Friday, February 03, 2006


My 1955 La Salle Elementary Bilingual Method Typewriting Course handbook mentions :
'The "La Salle Complementary Course" offers a complete 30-page chapter on artistic typewriting.'
There is also use of the word 'artyping'. My first encounter with it.
Here are some excerpts.

" We are pleased to mention here how greatly we are endebted to Mr. Julius Nelson of
Baltimore, expert sponsor of art-typing, for his personal guidance, and his generosity
in valuable and original specimens."

Oh, Julius! I'd love to see some of those original specimens!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Is an overall aesthetic emerging here on these pages ?

I find it interesting what I am uploading
Stuff that's very different from
My personal art.

Transparent Irregular

French Curves
Seventeenth General Catalog : Section Five
Engineering And Drafting Instruments And Supplies

I thought they looked pretty all to a page.

Recreational Mathematics

More beauty I don't understand.
A cover from 1961

Sample pages from another issue


Reviews on the problems and science of human settlements.
Two issues from 1970
When I got my greedy little hands on these my heart skipped a beat.
I'm a geek for things I don't understand...if their aesthetic is just right!

Montreal Bus Transfers

Here is a sample of the old transfer discontinued sometime in the early 1970s
(Thanks to John Trivisonno for a generous donation of vintage transfers)

Replaced by this kind (shown is a Lucky 7, a transfer with 7 intact arrows, no cut offs)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Canadian Stamps w/ Perforated Initials

Third Edition
Reprinted 1979

That's the name of the booklet the page below comes from.
Quite beautiful stuff.