Friday, February 03, 2006


My 1955 La Salle Elementary Bilingual Method Typewriting Course handbook mentions :
'The "La Salle Complementary Course" offers a complete 30-page chapter on artistic typewriting.'
There is also use of the word 'artyping'. My first encounter with it.
Here are some excerpts.

" We are pleased to mention here how greatly we are endebted to Mr. Julius Nelson of
Baltimore, expert sponsor of art-typing, for his personal guidance, and his generosity
in valuable and original specimens."

Oh, Julius! I'd love to see some of those original specimens!


Anonymous said...

enfin je t'ai trouvé!
si tu vas su et que tu cherches miss_agonie, tu risques fort de me trouver aussi =^_^= .

Anonymous said...

art typing of a different kind...

Billy Mavreas said...

I can't access that link...but what ya told me sounds fascinating