Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Poetry : Forever Cool Drunk

folks looking for poetry
are looking for more i think
than words strung together...
what makes them know they found it ?
one of those things that ain't got time for an audience, poetry is.
Why read what you can make with language.. failing you ?
Only p[oets care and they ain't worth a trust.
sing song sounds in a row ain't it. you know.
not that i hate you, but close. human with words tied to a stick.
sick making, the stack of books.

a drunk peom. to say what.?.this then:
you now this day and age waste ink and pages sick make me
look around the world still grows.only poems 'bout poetry
hold. the rest takes care of itself.slow it down and

I wrote this drunk to say above...most waste words on sunsets
and subtle heartbreaks.
lord burn the books so we might know.


Billy Mavreas said...

The problem about writing peotry drunk,
aside from typos, is that one might - in simply emoting - believe that one is writing crucial poetry.
In this case, my point is that poetry about poetry is the only kind, since life and nature beyond human endeavour, speak for themselves.
Poetry is about poetry. Period.
The sober me might have more to say.

Anonymous said...


but where went the P?
i can have it not you see
for i owe the earth a tree
for the paper upon which
i wrote that P

florentine said...

Billy - thank you for the info on Alberto de Sa in the entry back on November 30th. I found a great link to the exhibition he was part of in Austin Texas. Many brilliant things by lots of Brazilian Visual Poets: