Saturday, March 04, 2006

Punched Pennies

A while ago I learned how to use the Addressograph I scored from a folded local paper.
It's a machine that presses characters (addresses) into dog tag like bits of metal that are then put into another machine that prints out the labels for magazine/newspaper subscriptions.
I make 'lucky' pennies, pressing four letter words into pennies for a small fee.
Scanning the pennies, though, is tricky...the words are sunken not raised AND they look way better than this in real life.
Place your orders today!


Geofhuth said...


Interesting. I decided not to take an offered Addressograph once, but I took on a couple thousand metal Addressograph plates, which I occasionally use as pages for metalic poems. But I punch them one letter at a time.

You can see part of one of these here:


Marie-Elaine said...

That's pretty sweet. Like, may I acquire one ?

Anonymous said...

hey, send me some info on ordering pennies!

msl @