Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Noisy Booklet

Lately, when I find myself at the copyshop running some graphic errand, I either fish into the recycling bins for fodder or hopelessly remix whatever images I am carrying and whip off an edition of ten of some weird little noise book. Here is one, dated the 18th of January, 2006. I end up mailing these things out to whoever I happen to be artistically enamoured with at the moment. This one seems to be composed of two drawings, overlapped and remixed, that I drew for Warren Hill's zine "2$ (Comes With Mix Tape)"


Anonymous said...

Does everything turn to magic under this guy's touch?

Hey Billy, the first piece here inspired the following poem:

The Eyes Have It
(For Billy Mavreas)

Eyes wide-open rise to the surface,
Broadcasting arrival in concentric rings.
Amphibious horses fall from eyelashes,
Foaming toward forests of moon-bit trees.
The eyes heave forward singing,
Hooves drum prophetic vowels.
Whoever hears the branches calling
Craves for heights and starts to crawl.
Brian Zimmer

Billy Mavreas said...

Well, gosh...thanks Brian Zimmer.