Sunday, September 17, 2006

It Has Been A While

the ability to recognize and remember realizations
and implement them via attention tends to itself be forgotten.
as if it's day one again.
to actually have to remind yourself that all of creation is awe inspiring.
to remember to breathe.

to not dolt on the potentiality. to slough off dead cells.
to mine juvenalia. to recall first loves. to pour out and reserve.

well there are many ways. and the tracing of error is one. watching the nods and counting the dreams are two.
cataloguing all actions. smiling for the camera.

the perception of time. wheels in the sky. long growths.
loss of ego via arrogance.

an archive of minutiae. a lathering of ghosts. a doorknob.
echos in the still. closet born of wanting. reaching for the tongue.


interrupting television and the constellations of taste : an approach to a furtive stance on culture
welcoming the mudbucket : rhyme and reasonesque posturings of hair tribes
a collection of standstills : root and impasse - from striding gas to the planet cards, things i haven't done

oktolc/e/7/17:____: outer workings


oh yeah, nebulas are gods. the gods once worshipped worldwide.
the passions, the minor deities, the demons and the monsters.
bulge at the equator and GIANTS!
doorways for the creatures and co-mingling.


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