Sunday, December 03, 2006

Historic Doodles From "Everybody's Pixillated"

The following doodles are from a piece in the
May 24, 1937 issue of Life Magazine discussing
Russell M. Arundels' book 'Everybody's Pixillated'.
I'd love to see a copy of this book!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these great pages from the book of doodles, Billy. I too would love to see this book!

Unknown said...

Fascinating... Thanks for sharing!

Austin Kleon said...

Hey Billy,

I found a copy of this book (in fantastic condition!) in the Ransom Center Archives on the University of Texas campus, but it's pretty locked down in there, and you can't take any you still have any of these images from the LIFE article?

- Austin

differx said...

some images are here at googlebooks: