Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fools Mirror

this image (or half of it) was found embedded in a corner of a noise field
i made by manipulating an "Abstract Analog Scratch Pattern".
i released the little dude from the surrounding noise and flipped him over to face himself.

and how are you ?

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I'm fine. Thanks for finally asking!

I'm alright.
Well, that isn't exactly true.
I trying to live out the dog days of November as dignified as I can.

But the more darker the days get, the more I seem to be a shadowy image of my former self.

Is it me, or do we all go home and stuff our faces with mae wests & m&ms ??

The other day, a possible romantic interest dashed all hope when in a fervour exclaimed: "I find this passion OVERWHEEEEEEELMING !"
(please use a british accent when repeating)

And so, here I am, lost, trying to make excellent use of negative space, only to sink deeper into mediocrity.

and how are you??