Friday, June 09, 2017

I've Kept Busy

I have. My studio space, a corner of the shop behind the counter, is working. I am painting, I am exploring. My papers are getting in order without a vast army of help. Some key angels stepped forth, heeded my bidding and helped in ways that would have kept me behind for years without them.

A piece of large furniture was cut down to size making room, a closet was regained and stored with my boxes of scraps. I went through some of my art archives and maybe have a handle on it now.

I don't want to run screaming from retail any longer. I like my shop. I think it's in a good place.

This is not something I have easily said in the last many years.

I'm taking up more space in this place. My name is on the walls and so are many of my pictures. I don't scramble to show what I do, I put it up online and in house all over the walls. If you've ridden along with me for the ride this has been you'll know that this just may be quite the feat. I've never had a  problem with attention, I've sought it out honestly. But this time I may have put aside the shame of it and told myself and thus the world, it's ok, this is your corner, show yourself.

How many years did it take for me to realize what it is that I had the whole time ? Way too may but here I am.

The Sandwich Board Wording That Struck a Chord With Me

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