Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Abstract Comics

I've been drawing this way for a long time but only this week have I formatted these drawings into a decent series of abstract comics.
I've often thought how I would / should go about piecing together my scratchy doodles into way can be presented as comics.
After a decade or so I have figured it out. I have drawn six pages as of this blog post writing. Six pages today. In the last couple of hours. I draw like I tap my foot.
I get frustrated with myself regarding making comics because I think I should draw comics fast too and have tried various ways to do this. It's a silly thing to try to draw comics quickly. One really cannot draw comics as fast as one can jot down words unless one goes the minimalist stream of consciousness route. I've gone down that road and now have 200 or so pages to show for it yet they languish because editing needs to happen.
With textless abstract stuff like this I can pound it out, so to speak, and still enjoy a certain satisfaction of holding finished product.
I drew these using a nice Bic pen with a classic nib that someone left in the shop. I don't pencil or edit, just start, allowing panels to merge into each other. I outline my thin panel borders with a Sharpie and it's all done.
I'm hoping to add to this series until there is a hefty amount to either file away for ever or possibly get published.

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