Friday, March 08, 2019

Dragging my heels

A deceptively simple task like writing a short blogpost every week has repeatedly and consistently bested me. I can't seem to do it. I've slowed down fb posts, I still post images and jokes on twitter, I do a daily or so instagram post for my shop, monastiraki but this here? every week/ a little something? Nope.

I'll tell you what's new this year. I did the ten day miracle challenge which is an affirmation/desire/focus study program promoted by Mitch Horowitz. I extended it to thirty days. It resulted in an increased poetic & publishing practice. It helped ground me and focus my energies towards a goal. I liked it. I incorporated light weights into it, synching my affirmations with fifteen pound curls. Totally super powered cheese. 

In February, on valentines day I got surgery to deal with my persistent fistula problem. I'm still slowly recovering, 3 something weeks later. Take care of your bumbums, folks!

For the next month, I'm working on a submission for a groovy group show in the states, readying myself for a short family trip out west where I've also scheduled a poetry reading, tidying up my errant MSs into usable content and oh so much more.

Ok. I wrote something down. Good.

I feel I need to do another ten day miracle challenge burst now. It's effective, practical magic. 


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